What is the cost for the events?

All Sahaja Yoga meditation events, classes and workshops are offered free of cost and are open to all. Just as one cannot pay nature to sprout a seed, in the same way, Sahaja Yoga is a living process that cannot be paid for.

What should I wear?

We do not have a dress code, but recommend any decent, comfortable wear or smart casual wear.

What do you typically do at a workshop or event?

Our events are varied and diverse ranging from music and meditation to cultural and spiritual exhibitions and other creative explorations. We offer meditation at all our events. Depending on the event, our workshop focuses on a particular topic and then we provide guided meditation and offer simple techniques to maintain balance. These techniques may include the use of elements such as water and light that make the meditative experience very enjoyable. We also have time for questions and individual queries and teach how to meditate at home at each workshop..

Do I need to bring anything?

No you’re fine. Just walk-in and enjoy the event!

I haven’t RSVP’d, can I still come for the event?

Yes you can, although we recommend you Register to make sure we have seats for you.

I’ve attended a workshop. What next?

To really take full advantage of your experience with meditation, the next step would be to attend any of our regular meetings as we offer ongoing classes. Consider that when a plant is given water, it grows strong and healthy. In the same way, meditation cleanses and harmonizes one’s being, so attending a weekly collective meditation is the best way to bring lasting peace and well-being. We still encourage you to attend our diverse events that may appeal to you. There is always something interesting going on, so keep stopping by or checking our website.

What is Sahaja Yoga? 

Sahaja Yoga is a meditation breakthrough founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and is based on ancient principles for the modern world. It begins with the awareness of one’s individual energy called, ‘kundalini.’ Once the kundalini is awakened within, the process of meditation becomes effortless and spontaneous, and this leads to complete peace and balance in life. With balance comes lasting joy and well-being of mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Where can I attend a Sahaja Yoga event or class?

You can check this website for upcoming events. Our free classes are offered nationwide and internationally. For classes in the D.C. Metro Area (Maryland, Virginia and D.C.), please visit local classes

If you’re looking for classes out of state or abroad, you may visit sahajayoga.org

Still have questions feel free to contact us at 623-734-5952